Mill Restoration Update

In our continuing efforts to restore the historic Durham Mill, the Historical Society and the Cooks Creek Watershed Association joined forces with some additional volunteers and undertook to clean the tail race at the mill (the canal that directs water from the mill back to the stream after turning the water wheel to power the millstones). Over 20 invasive trees were removed as was over a half century of accumulated debris. We were assisted financially by a $2,000.00 grant from the Lower Delaware Wild and Scenic group, who recently saw fit to award us a second grant to re-seed with native grasses and plants. Hopefully, these will help to keep out the invasives. On April 26th the Society met and gave the mill a thorough sweeping in readiness for the April 27th Passport to History event.  These are just some of the efforts being made to ready the mill for more major renovations.